Thoughts of 20 Years


By Fran Root
ICAN Founder

I was Co-Founder of the first Women’s Leadership Conference and thought this might last about 6 years. Look what happened.

Wow! What a Conference. Each year the Conference grows and is bigger and better than ever. When we started this 20 years ago we had no idea how magical it would become. The first year I think we had 600 women and thought that was terrific. Today there are more than 2,000 women. The first couple of years we had some music and little stage presentation. Today it rocks all the way through. The globe was fantastic. Guest speakers have been the defining reason for so many women to be inspired. Yesterday was no exception. The presenters were terrific and the inspiration was there to ignite the participants. Inspiration has always been a goal.

Thank you Mary and staff for your attention to the mission of ICAN. Nothing was left to chance. Think of all the women today who are feeling so much better about themselves and interested in the problems of all women around the world. I can’t tell you enough how I appreciate your carrying the torch and adding to it each year. This is truly great work.

The speakers were excellent and the way you incorporated the videos was very well done. The two Co-Chairs did an excellent job. Their stories were real and must cause others to think of their own life stories. We all need to assess at various stages in life. This was the directive. They energized the women to seek their dreams and help one another to do the same. To respond to the voices of all women for ourselves and for our children.

For Judy Haecker, Geil Browning, and myself, what is so gratifying is to meet the women these many years later whose lives were positively impacted by ICAN and the early conferences. To see business and community leaders who give credit to ICAN for much of their success is gratifying to me personally and to all the pioneers who were on the journey with us. My continued dream is that 20 years from now, you will look back from your successful careers and feel your association with this group was a building block that brought you there.

Here’s to all associated with ICAN. Congratulations.