The Time of Tea

Beljean Ong is a “tea instructor” in a little shop at 38 Mosque Street in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown.  She drew me in from the crowded street with an invitation to come in and get some relief from the humidity and heat – and an hour later I left with a bag of the highest quality Oolong loose leaf tea, a small hand carved tea scoop and an inspired view of the importance of doing what you love.  Ms. Ong opened her store in 2002 to share with others her passion about tea – and now she runs a global business teaching others about the art of making tea, tea agriculture and why tea is a source of goodness in our lives.


Underneath her knowledge about tea is a life philosophy about the importance of self-love, being generous, and taking time to pause.  She is quietly fierce about developing a universal awareness regarding the value of taking time for tea.  How intentional are you when you make tea?  Are you putting the best tea into the right pot?  Do you brew it with good water at just the right temperature?  Do you serve it in a beautiful cup and share it with love?  As a metaphor for how we choose to live our lives its a good one.