The Stunning Power of Collaboration

Stacey Flowers 2015 Vlog Screenshot

By Stacey Flowers
2015 Women’s Leadership Conference Breakout Session Speaker

Click image above to view a video blog by Stacey Flowers about how to harness the stunning power of collaboration, dispel the myths and draw out the best skills from a group to work towards a successful goal.

About the Author
Stacey Flowers is an entrepreneur and happiness expert, author and motivational speaker known for connecting happiness to peak performance. She has experience in corporate consulting and motivating all ages on the four cornerstones of leadership: engagement, goal-setting, motivation and performance. In 2012, her speaking circuit and personal coaching sessions erupted to an international audience.
As an Omaha native, Flowers has successfully navigated the world both as a professional and a self-made entrepreneur publishing her first book in 2012 and already working on her second.