ICAN LEADERSHIP EXCHANGE FORUM: WOMEN AND WORK September 10 Event in Lincoln Features 7 Speakers x 7 Topics x 7 Minutes Each

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Lincoln, Neb., August 13, 2015 — The Institute for Career Advancement Needs (ICAN) in partnership with Nebraska Wesleyan University is hosting the Leadership Exchange: Women and Work.

This Leadership Exchange event brings together Lincoln’s business leaders for an event featuring seven local leaders with unique and exciting passions and ideas. Those attending will learn something new and connect over discussion on contemporary leadership topics. Hosted by ICAN’s partner, Nebraska Wesleyan University, ‘Women and Work’ will be held in Callen Conference Center, located on the lower level of the Smith-Curtis Administration Building. Refreshments and structured conversation and networking will follow in Elder Gallery (50th Street & Huntington Ave.) on Thursday, September 10, from 4 – 7 p.m. Cost is $30 to attend. For full event details and to register, please visit: icanglobal.net/our-work/777-exchange-lincoln/

“ICAN events are a great way to get exposure to contemporary leadership concepts – as well as engage in a meaningful development opportunity and join a powerful network of leaders. These 7 speakers will enlighten you and challenge you to be a stronger, more authentic leader,” shares Susan Henricks, ICAN President & CEO.

The Leadership Exchange Forum takes it origins from public intellectual dialogue forums – where people gather for high-level conversations on topics varying from science, philosophy, humanities, health, business, politics, and in this case, centered around business and community leadership in Lincoln and the greater theme of ‘Women and Work.’

“Nebraska Wesleyan University is delighted to partner with ICAN to offer meaningful educational offerings on leadership, identity, and values,” said Elizabeth Walls, Dean of University College, Nebraska Wesleyan University. “We are especially pleased to host the inaugural 7x7x7 Leadership Forum in Lincoln with a focus on experiences of women leaders working in a variety of industries.”

The event is presented within a 7 x 7 x 7 concept: attendees will hear from 7 local leaders speaking for 7 minutes each on 7 different topics relevant to business leadership and the community they hold an informed and inspired position on. It is both educational and enlightening, with a goal to spark new thinking and dynamic conversation. The 7 leaders presenting include:

  • Alice Dittmer, Former Chief Executive Officer, Cornhusker Bank
    • Topic: Empowering Women through Micro Loans
  • Katie Zulkoski, Lawyer & Lobbyist, Zulkoski Weber and Founder, RISE Lincoln
    • Topic: #OWNIT
  • Beatty Brasch, Executive Director, Center for People in Need
    • Topic: Working and Lifting Women out of Poverty
  • Michelle Suarez, Principal, Everett Elementary School
    • Topic: Everett’s Effort Story
  • Deb Weber, Executive Director, Lincoln Arts Council
    • Topic: Power of the Arts to Change the Lives of Women
  • Pam Dingman, Lancaster County Engineer
    • Topic: Not Interested in Waiting
  • Marsha Lommel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
    • Topic: The Neuroscience of Charismatic Leadership

The ICAN Leadership Exchange event series, featuring this ‘Women and Work’ 7x7x7, is part of ICAN’s greater offering of leader development programs, custom services and events – including the annual ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference – provided to individuals and organizations in Lincoln, Omaha and beyond. The series aims to bring leaders in the community together around a common interest of accelerating leadership capability, powerful conversation, professional development and authentic connection.



Allison Schorr
Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications

Sara Olson
Director, Public Relations
Nebraska Wesleyan University

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