Our Work

ICAN is the catalyst to transform your organization through thoughtful, strategic and engaging programs. Harness this potential to develop leaders without limits.

Today’s valued employees seek challenge, growth, self-awareness and ways to contribute – while today’s successful organizations require forward movement and their employees to navigate productive change.

ICAN’s programs both inspire leaders through our curriculum based-programs, and transform organizations through innovative on-site opportunities tailored to meet those company’s unique goals.

After experiencing ICAN, leaders are resilient, agile and able to leverage and maximize teams and communicate with presence.

How can you become involved with ICAN? Here are some ways at a glance:

  • Have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally by participating in Defining Leadership.
  • Are you in a role where you lead or manage others? Looking to grow influence for your team? Advance the capability of your employees? Lead others with purpose? Register for our IMPACT: Leading High Impact Teams program.
  • Volunteer at the Women’s Leadership Conference.
  • Speak about innovation in your world at one of our Leadership Exchange Events.
  • Going through a transition? Take part in our Women’s Leadership Circles.
  • Donate funds to sponsor locations, meals or materials for an ICAN program.
  • Take the Emergenetics profile.