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Examining Unconscious Bias

ICAN’s newest program cultivates leaders who are advocates, become aware to their biases + blindspots, facilitate change, foster equity and consciously practice inclusive leadership. The next series of this 4-session open enrollment program will begin November 9. To learn how this program can also be brought internally to your organization as a custom program, contact julie@icanglobal.net

Examining Unconscious Bias

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Let’s face it, everyone has a level of unconscious bias. This ICAN program helps leaders explore those mental blind spots and inflexible beliefs that keep them from seeing others accurately, from making fair decisions, from fostering equity, and from building the kind of relationships that make leadership and our organizations more successful.

While biases are bad news for workplaces, they don’t make us bad people. Tendencies are ingrained and make individuals vulnerable to unconscious beliefs. But, we can work to spot our unconscious biases to make them conscious and in turn change our behaviors to act in ways that counter our biases and help foster common ground. While one will not fully change their unconscious bias in just 4 sessions, this program will develop a leader to be more aware and able to see through a different lens.

This intensive and immersive program cultivates leaders who are advocates, facilitate change and consciously practice inclusive leadership. Participants will develop their capability and commitment to being part of a high performing, inclusive and diverse team. Registration deadline is February 2.

The program can also be brought internally as an ICAN Custom Program and customized to incorporate and honor your company’s unique values, organizational goals, guiding philosophies and current diversity and inclusion strategies. Contact us to learn more.


  • Understand yourself – your background and your identity
  • Learn key traits for inclusive leadership
  • Build a business case for a more inclusive workplace
  • Explore how the brain functions so you can recognize Unconscious Bias as a natural function of the human mind
  • Understand Unconscious Bias in the workplace
  • Confront your own biases so you can practice conscious awareness
  • Learn how to be a supporter and advocate
  • Create more meaningful dialogue at work and at home
  • Practice strategies and tools so you can create systemic change in your organization


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$4,490/GROUP of 10


4 half-day sessions, 16 total hours of instruction
Interactive, Group Dialogue Sessions
Held virtually via Zoom


November 9
November 10
November 16
November 17

– All sessions to run 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. CST
Registration Deadline: November 2


Moniki Cannon
Laura Roccaforte


All Levels


Up to 50 participants


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
– Carl Jung


Becoming Conscious of our Biases
Overcoming Bias
The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion
Becoming an Ally


Self Assessment of Anti-Bias Behavior | Havard Implicit Association Tests

View Program Overview Document Here.