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Women’s Leadership Conference

ICAN’s annual Women’s Leadership Conference – held for 25 years in Omaha, Nebraska – is known to be powerful, insightful and authentic, representative of the leadership trends and transformations present in today’s workplace. Our sold out, 25th Annual ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference on May 15, 2018 featured a conversation on Authenticity with 2,850 leaders from 335 companies and 34 states.  Details for the 2019 conference will be announced in late Fall 2018.

A collection of our 2018 speakers have shared the content below for our attendees to have as a reference.

Content shared by our 2018 speakers for our attendees to reference- for your continued learning, ability to revisit what you heard and share the message:

Tasha Eurich: Self-Awareness, the Meta Skill of the 21st Century

A note from Tasha – 

It was an absolute pleasure to spend the morning with you yesterday. After attending a few other sessions, I trust you had a fabulous rest of your day at this year’s ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference!

As promised, I’m sending along several resources to support you:

  1. The key slides presented here
  2. A leader toolkit here to help you apply self-awareness to the teams you lead.
  3. You can find the Insight Quiz at www.insight-book.com (click “quiz” on the menu). You’ll complete 14 questions, then send a survey to someone who knows you well. This is a quick version of a longer assessment, so please don’t make any major life decisions based on your results—just treat it as data 😊
  4. Then, you’re now on “the list” to receive my monthly newsletter (with a cult-like following), the Insight Bulletin. No spam, ever, and welcome to our community!

Finally, a few folks mentioned that Insight was sold out on site at the book store booth, so here is a link to Amazon if you didn’t get a copy and wanted one: http://a.co/c1bXbWs

Have a great rest of your week. And please keep in touch—I look forward to hearing your self-awareness success stories!

Dave Logan, Ph.D. – Tribal Leadership

His slides presented here.

Dr. Mitchel Adler – Leading with Emotional Intelligence

His slides presented here.

Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt of Talent Anarchy: Keeping it Real – The What, Why and How of Authentic Leadership

Their slides presented here.

Dr. Geil Browning & Marie Unger of Emergenetics International – Guiding Authentic Leaders of Tomorrow

Their slides presented here.