Leaders, Prepare For Launch / Joni Wheeler

By Joni Wheeler
ICAN Board Member + Executive Vice President, Talent and Enterprise Solutions at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska

Leaders, prepare for Launch

Tools and techniques to transform your own company and career

In “Launch” is the New Layoff, I shared the story of my experiences at CoreLink, a company that began a long shutdown period in 2017. The article explains how my leadership team and I transformed what is usually difficult and negative news of employee layoffs into an employee “launch” program that has supported and encouraged team members as they transitioned away from CoreLink to their next great opportunity. In the four years since that initial announcement, launches are viewed as celebrations—and CoreLink employees have remained purpose-filled and positive.

What’s happening at CoreLink is unique, but it doesn’t have to be. If successful transformation can happen in a closing company, imagine what can be done in a growing company.

What can you do right from where you are? Whether you are a leader of people or an individual contributor, you can influence positive change in your team or organization.

Throughout our careers, we all must launch ourselves to the next opportunity—whether that’s within one’s current organization or moving on to the next great adventure. I invite you to take what we learned at CoreLink and apply it to your own exciting launch. Here are a few ideas:….

This piece was originally published by Joni Wheeler on LinkedIn as part of a two-article series. We invite you to read on for the ideas and full article here.


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