International Women’s Day 2012


By Mary Prefontaine

The world celebrates women on March 8 – will you participate?

International Women’s Day originally observed to highlight women’s oppression and inequality has evolved into a celebration of the “positives”. Women are now astronauts, firefighters, mega-business leaders, presidents and prime ministers. Since it’s visionary conception in the early 1900′s,  IWD has grown into thousands of events throughout the world helping to educate, inspire and celebrate the achievements of women. A global web of rich and diverse activity – from political rallies and business conferences to  craft fairs – acknowledge the gifts women bring to humanity.


For me, the  theme for International Women’s Day 2012,“Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures,”  is a call to action to continue to evolve the work of ICAN. One of the most significant things that ICAN has done in it’s thirty year history is to “connect girls” and on April 4 we will bring more than 2000 women together at our 19th annual women’s leadership conference. If you plan to attend bring a girl and inspire her to a future full of possibility. If you have a daughter, a little sister, a niece or a neighbor who you care about – bring her. We have role to help girls navigate the journey towards adulthood and as women we have a role to help each other too.  In the era  of hyper connectedness women have access to on-line inspiration, however, there is nothing more transformational than experiencing the energy  of 2000 powerful women all under one roof!  See you there.