ICAN: Choose Happiness


Video Blog By Stacey Flowers
2014 ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference Breakout Session Speaker

Hello ICAN Friends,

Happiness is a choice. Happiness is not really an emotion.

To be happy is to choose to show up with joy, competence, and fearlessness. So often in life these days we think that Happiness is hard or that Happiness only feels good when, well someone or something makes you happy.

Instinctly, you know that you should be enjoying the pieces that make up your life.

Intuituly, you understand that you are the creator of the joy that spreads around you.

You know that you are the source of your happiness and that ultimately its your job to be happy.

People think that authentic happiness is something that must be made up, it must always be a euphoric high of some kind or that Happiness must be in exchange for something.

But that is not what Happiness is.

Happiness is a choice. Watch this video below to learn how you can choose happiness when it comes to the work you do everyday.

WARNING: Watching this video may cause happiness…

Click image above or here to view video.

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Stacey Flowers is an inspirational speaker know for teaching people the true meaning of happiness in their lives. She has experience in corporate consulting and motivating all ages of audiences to live a full and happy life. Her mission is to infect the world with happiness by teaching others the tools for building a happy life no matter the circumstances.

Learn more about Stacey Flowers and her work here: http://staceyflowers.com/