It’s a Pre-Event! A Keynote Video Conversation / Susan Henricks with Deloitte’s Erica Volini

A Video Conversation:
Susan Henricks talks Resilience, Empathy and Workplace Adaptations and More with 2020 ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference Opening Keynote, Deloitte’s Erica Volini

Today, May 13, was the original day we to be holding our 2020 ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference, before current circumstances led us to reschedule. So, we’re thinking of our attendees and thought now is the perfect time to come together and begin looking forward to our new date of August 19!

In honor of this, today we are excited to bring you a very special video conversation as a “pre-event”!

ICAN’s Susan Henricks joined our Opening Keynote Speaker, Erica Volini, for a timely conversation on resilience, transparency, empathy and more. As Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Leader, Erica discusses the calls to adapt and respond that leaders and organizations are experiencing amidst the pandemic – along with opportunities and evolutions she thinks we may see in our workplaces, especially for women leaders, as we look to the future.

We encourage you to find time to watch this video in full and reflect on the thoughtful insights from Erica. Please also share it with your own teams and take the opportunity to connect with them to discuss or even make it part of your next team meeting. As stated, your ‘ensemble’ is more important than ever.

Per her mention, do be sure to watch out for Deloitte’s 2020 Human Capital Trends report to be released on May 18.

In closing, we recently came across this quote by renowned singer-songwriter Andrea Bocelli and find it perfectly fitting and encouraging to share with you:

 “Life is our wonderful common concert. And each one of us, can indeed sing their own note, do their own part, compose a single and beautiful melody to make the journey through these difficult times lighter.”

Let your own melody and the concert you and your ensemble are performing together lift you up and bring you hope.

ICAN is excited to bring you another empowering – and safe – day of learning, inspiration, connection and career advancement soon. Registration remains open at We’re looking forward a wonderful event on August 19!

Take care and keep leading on,
The ICAN Team