Shifting into Great Conversations Networking Reception

Would you like to incorporate a fun, informative and structured networking experience into your conference day? Join us for an optional reception ‘Shifting into Great Conversations’  immediately following the close of the conference. Top-rated ICAN conference speaker Karen Lisko will lead this special event on engaging in transformative conversation.  This reception is sponsored by WoodmenLife. 

is an opportunity to meet someone new, bond over shared interests – feel the spark of connection. It’s supposed to feel natural and flowing, where the right thing to say comes effortlessly.

It’s supposed to be anxiety free, where you can focus on connecting with the other person instead of worrying about how you’re coming across. 

Unfortunately, for many people, conversation isn’t much fun, especially in a business “social” setting, where there is no set agenda or topic to rely on. 

Do you ever feel anxious and stressed during conversations that others seem to enjoy? Maybe your conversations tend to sputter out prematurely, and you’re not sure how to keep them going? How do you add – or remove – yourself from a conversation?  Do you feel uncomfortable with introductions? 

Karen Lisko, PhD, is here to help us nail those awkward moments and shine in any social or business setting. Join us immediately after the conference for a fun and interactive session on “Shifting into Great Conversations” in a real cocktail party setting! Karen will lead us through various fun exercises during the course of an hour: everything from the proper handshake, to tips on getting conversation to flow, while making others feel welcome and engaged.



You can add this extra event to your conference registration through the main conference system


4:45 pm     Cocktails & Appetizers Served

5 – 6 pm     Shifting into Great Conversations Presentation 

Presentation and Brief Tutorial

Conversation Practice Round One

Break One: How did you do? Let’s add to the conversation…

Conversation Practice Round Two

Break Two: How did you do? Let’s add another element…

Conversation Practice Final Round

Closing and Enjoy!