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Empower your team to claim their authentic voice and take action together by defining and amplifying unique conversations. Innovation, engagement and productivity increases when individuals live, share and speak their voices around the table. Most programs customized for groups of 10 or more.

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Develop leaders by empowering them to take leadership action.

Bring ICAN VOICE to Your Company & Community

ICAN VOICE interactive programs allow organizations to develop leaders by empowering them to claim their authentic voice and take leadership action. Research shows when the voices of individuals at all levels of the workforce are heard, innovation, engagement and productivity increase. ICAN VOICE programs are designed for teams, employee resource or affinity groups, Millenials and members of the C-suite in an on-site training capacity.
These 90-minute modules are presented as part of a curriculum and can be customized to a company’s unique interest, group focus and number of participants. Click HERE for an ICAN VOICE Fact Sheet featuring objectives and outcomes for each module.

LIVE YOUR VOICE – Values-Based Leadership
SPEAK YOUR VOICE – Take the Room
SHARE YOUR VOICE – The Guide on the Side
ASSERT YOUR VOICE – Communicate Your Perspective
FRAME YOUR VOICE – Having Ethical Conversations


ICAN VOICE is designed for:

Millennial Workforce: The Millennial and Generation Y workforce have been raised in a culture of social media and globalization. They want to work for organizations that value creativity and authenticity, and they want to play a part in something meaningful.

Women Rising: Studies show that women – more than men – consistently underestimate themselves. Whether right out of college and struggling to find her voice, a newly promoted middle manager attempting to align the company values with her own purpose and values, or a seasoned executive developing a team of emerging leaders – women need to learn how to use their voice with quiet and steadfast confidence.

Members of the C-Suite: We learn through shared stories and thoughtful conversations, and the most effective leaders give time to this endeavor. Leaders who promote dialogue, and invite others to claim their values and voice will inspire the next generation to lead with passion and purpose.


Customizable | Dynamic | Length & focus determined by organization | Will fit unique needs & interests of any organization


  • Become effective and influential in every action
  • Effective communications skills
  • Bring confidence and authentic self to the workplace
  • Engage multiple individuals in purposeful conversation to change organizational outcomes