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Change is rapid and constant. How can leaders recognize and create the conditions for change in their organizations? How do leaders understand and foster the diversity of values within organizations?

ICAN presents our newest program EVOLVE: Navigating Change, Values and Worldview. This 3-session program is designed to evolve a leadership voice and develop leaders who navigate meaningful and values-based change.

This rigorous & practical, educational & experiential course – held between Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska – is open to male & female business leaders at all levels and industries seeking a leadership awareness and increased capability to navigate and lead change.

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Topics explored include how value systems drive business decisions; how our preferred patterns of thinking and behaving serve or derail our intentions; and why it is important for leaders to understand underlying patterns and social biases in themselves, their organizations and the world. Sessions build sequentially combining psychometric assessments, value systems in business and politics, and group discussion guided by expert faculty. Each participant will focus on and execute a change case study – a real life example of something they either hope to or have been tasked with evolving in their workplace. Participants can also engage in an add-on personal coaching session within 6 weeks upon completion of the program as a touch point, follow-up, additional learning or for consultation on continued integration of their change case study.  EVOLVE provides a peer to peer learning cohort to help participants explore transformational and practical change through self-knowledge, diversity of thought, rigorous learning and an expanded worldview.


  • Expanded Self-Knowledge
  • Insight into how values shape our actions, business decisions and worldview
  • Develop strategies to communicate and motivate others
  • Learn to better use your leadership voice to influence change
  • Ability to manage systems change and the ripple effects that follow
  • Understand how thinking and behaving patterns can derail or create success
  • Create a personal path to self-initiated change
  • Explore the unique values sets of the generations to break down boundaries
  • Identify how values show up as larger patterns to connect individuals for change
  • Ability to integrate necessary elements to present a clear & compelling case for change
  • Execution of a Change Case Study within participant’s workplace


  • Neuroscience of Thinking & Behavior
  • Values Systems in Self, Teams and Organizations
  • Current Affairs & Worldview
  • Leading and Navigating Organizational Change

Businesses today need a new cadre of leaders who can create transformational change at all levels of an organization. They recognize the power that emanates from employees who lead from within, regardless of role or title. These leaders require a new set of skills that combine: Courage + Compassion, Collaboration + Creativity, Reason + Intuition,
Transparency + Trust, and Global Awareness. EVOLVE develops these skills and encourages leaders to bring the learning home to their organization. Through a rigorous and practical case study approach and peer to peer support, graduates continue growth long after the program with renewed capability to thrive in change and lead in business and life.



2017 Series
August 29 / Full Day
September 26 / Full Day
October 26 / Half Day in the Afternoon

2018 Series
April 24 / Full Day
May 22 / Full Day
June 21 / Half Day in the Afternoon


Held between Lincoln & Omaha, Nebraska. Specific locations to be announced.


3 sessions held over the course of 3 months / 2 full days & 1 half day
Optional add-on (for a fee) of a 1 hour coaching session to be conducted either during the course of the program or within 6 weeks upon completion of the program. 


20 participants


Laura Roccaforte


Courage + Compassion | Collaboration + Creativity | Reason + Intuition |  Transparency + Trust |  Global Awareness


Emergenetics: Thinking & Behaving Preference Assessment  | ValueMatch: Personal Values & Change State Assessment |  The Graves Theory & Spiral Dynamics  |  Model of Value Sets  |  Organizational Case Studies  |  World Affairs

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