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Think of ICAN as part of your organizational development strategy – a team of experts ready to help you realize the potential in each individual. When individuals and teams maximize their inherent capability they accelerate what is possible. When individuals are authentic to their values and to the vision of the team they create the leadership advantage. Our programs are designed to inspire your leaders and transform your organization.
Whether developing individuals or coaching teams, ICAN inspires bold thinking, and the courage and capability to innovate and redefine the future of business.

Choosing The Level that suits you

ICAN Program Levels


Defining Leadership

ICAN’s flagship program for emerging leaders, Defining Leadership unlocks their limitless potential. This gender specific, 8-session program focuses on the development of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication, mentorship, and effective techniques for  living and working more authentically to your values and strengths.

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Creating High Impact Teams Program


Targeted for individuals who lead others, IMPACT builds leaders to manage higher performing teams with stronger influence. Evidence-based tools, real-time experience and actionable models focus on team immersion, functional cultivation, and strategic leading. This 8-session program, offers 6 graduate level credits to blend the best of the academic classroom with sustainable corporate leadership development.

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Designed to evolve a leadership voice through the navigation of change, values and worldview. EVOLVE explores how value systems drive business decisions and allow leaders to create the conditions for meaningful change within their organizations.  Topics explored include how preferred patterns of thinking can serve or derail intentions and why it’s important to understand underlying patterns and biases in yourself, your organization and the world in order to lead and create change.

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ICAN Conferences & Events

ICAN’s legendary leadership conferences and events bring together the experience and knowledge of leadership thought leaders and business experts from around the world to provide attendees with the tools and education to help them thrive, connect and be sucessful. Join us for our annual Women’s Leadership Conference, our Speaker Series or our 7x7x7 events.

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Women’s Leadership Circles

Conversations spark an exploration of self and community through this peer-to-peer mentoring program.  Women of all levels of their career and at any stage in their lives examine their full leadership potential during this five-session program. We offer two types of these circles programs – one for women at any point in their career, and one especially for women aged 50+ approaching retirement or a major life or professional shift.

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Custom Programs

ICAN ’comes to you’ bringing high-level leadership development programming, workshops or fully produced conferences on-site to any organization, large or small. ICAN utilizes existing modules, assessments and tools to develop custom modules to create the overall experience.

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When companies understand how each individual thinks and behaves, the whole team’s potential is amplified. This in-house training is available to groups large or small, at any level of professional experience.

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Individual Leadership Coaching

ICAN’s executive coaching sessions are customized to help individuals examine their whole lives. ICAN coaches are certified CTI coaches with leadership and business experience. Our coaches are committed to accelerating the aspirations and potential of each client.

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Coaching Teams Program

Team Leadership Coaching

Expand your organization’s capacity to excel through team coaching, incorporating proven experiential learning techniques designed to help teams own what is next. ICAN offers customized in house team coaching program for teams of 6 -10 participants.

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