The ICAN Leadership Award honors a woman or man, at any leadership level, who has taken the necessary steps to redefine leadership in their organizations and communities through collaboration, compassion, confidence and creativity – the 4 C’s. This award, sponsored by Kiewit Corporation, is presented annually at the ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference.

ICAN’s President & CEO Susan Henricks & Kiewit’s Corporate Vice President of Human Resources Michael Geary announcing the launch of the ICAN Leadership Award at the 2015 Conference.

Do you know a business leader who displays collaboration, compassion, confidence and creativity in the workplace? Nominations for the 2018 ICAN Leadership Award have closed. We will begin accepting nominations for the 2019 Award in January. See the information and video links below to learn more.

About the Award

ICAN Leadership Award, honoring a woman or man at any leadership level who has taken the necessary steps to redefine leadership in their organizations and communities through collaboration, compassion, confidence and creativity – the 4 C’s.

The award was created in 2015 after thoughtful research and over 30 years of working with leaders from across the globe.  ICAN believes that current leaders, and those of the future, need to possess the skills of the 4 C’s in order to successfully lead their organizations and communities in an ever changing and complex global economy.

This award is announced annually at the ICAN Women’s Leadership Conference, to be held this year on May 15. 

Selection Criteria

The Award recipient is an individual who exhibits:

  • Collaboration: Brings their many gifts to the table and shares them in pursuit of a common goal. They bring ideas, passion, their mind, body and soul to their work and welcome the same from others. They “host” conversations rather than acting as the “hero” who solves everyone’s problems and dilemmas.
  • Compassion: Contributes time and energy and shows empathy and concern to those they lead thus improving relationships, communication and the well being of others. This individual is passionately dedicated to serving others in their organization and in the community.
  • Confidence: Does not conform to others expectations, but is brave enough to look within and believe in what they feel is right. Demonstrates self-assuredness by cheering for other’s success and accomplishments. Stands up proudly for what they believe and is courageous enough to take unpopular positions. This individual also knows how to listen and step back to let others lead.
  • Creativity: Experiments with new and creative initiatives, tools and concepts. Thinks outside the box and is a creative problem solver. Uses creativity and innovation to unleash the potential in self and others.

Nomination & Selection Process

Complete an online nomination form. The form will open for 2019 nominations on January 15.

All nominations will then be reviewed by a Selection Committee comprised of ICAN Board of Directors Members, representatives from ICAN and Kiewit and Community Business Leaders. For any questions, contact Amy McLaughlin at 402-392-0746 or

Past ICAN Leadership Award Recipients

Patricia Kearns

President & CEO

Timothy J. Burke

President & CEO
Omaha Public Power District

2017 ICAN Leadership Award Recipient – Watch his award video profile here


Gail DeBoer

President & CEO
SAC Federal Credit Union

2016 ICAN Leadership Award – Inaugural Recipient – Watch her award video profile here


Nominations are currently closed. 2019 nominations will open January 15.