Intentional Leadership Intelligence

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This eight-session program focuses on the development of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication, mentorship, and effective techniques for living and working more authentically to your values and strengths.

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This six-session program kicking off October 10 takes managers
to the next level. Grow your team’s impact through mastering effective
techniques for setting strategy, team immersion, functional cultivation,
growing influence, conflict resolution and team agility.

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Our next event is the Omaha 7x7x7

7 speakers, 7 topics, 7 minutes each.
October 8, 2019. Details to be announced.

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Defining Leadership is an intensive, gender-specific, leadership development program that builds self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communications skills, and leadership agility. Graduates master effective techniques for leading, living and working in alignment…

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“Since completing Defining Leadership, I have worked to leverage strengths of our whole team in managing our performance. It also provided great analytical tools to help expand my ability to assess my role as a leader.”


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